Sunday, May 30, 2010


Looks like summer vacation is coming close. I am glad because rain will start soon.. I am so eager for rain.. almost asking papa everyday about it. This summer I joined classes for swimming and art. Art was good since only 4 students and most of artwork was done by teacher. Swimming was OK since good part I started swimming on my own bad part was it was regular, so boring..

Apart from that played a lot with new neighbor Aditi and also my friends from society Shreyas and Tejas.

Here are some pictures from hill where I do visit regularly with papa. I irritate him with my stunts, running and shouting what to do I enjoy with it..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2nd Birthday 2006

Second birthday was quite affair since father was working in zensar. But he did give one letter to me. (Second Birthday)

Mamma also has also written lot of things during this period but she is going to give it to me later.

First Audio Recording..

Following sound track was recorded by Papa, in his ancient nokia phone. I am just glad he is able to store it for a while, then download on machine and finally here!


Trying to make sound

Mauw Mauw

Mother Singing!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visits - India (2005-2010)

Well Swimming

There is nothing like spending hours in water be it at home in Pune, Sangamner or Shrirampur.
There is big tank provided by daji mama from dubai in Pune or at least worse bucket of water at Sangamner. Now a days I also go to Swimming pool near Thorat Udyan or sometimes at Bhaya mama's society.

I still remember very cold water at Pravara river when papa took me when I was just 1 year old. He is crazy at least when it comes to rivers and mountains. He believes fresh water and air is always good for body and mind.

Once he took me to Yeradwadi at his maternal uncle's place. He doesn't much chance to go there and so me going there is also remote. So in my 6 years I have gone only once or twice. But whenever he is there he tries to take me to Well which was built by his grand father 30 years back.

During summer vacation there are average 50 kids around water jumping from all over places. First time it was scary but Saurabh mama used one empty oil container as float to my back and I can easily float around. I had fun of life time jumping from 2nd step of well..

Next time I am planning jump from top of well.

Visits -- Outside India


Some water sports and other sports I enjoyed in last few years..

Sr. K.G.

Successfully finished days in Junior.

Fighting in school increased so Bhupal got shifted to other group in Senior. I used to fight with Shreya Kale. I started liking Sajiri but now a days like Kajol. She is new in our school in Senior K.G.

Micky Mouse!!

Jr. K.G.

Successfully finished days in Play Group.

Fighting in school increased so Bhupal got shifted to other group in Senior. I used to fight with Shreya Kale. I started liking Sajiri but now a days like Kajol. She is new in our school in Senior K.G.

Another good thing happened is I got sister -- Chutuk. She is baby of Mamta Atu, she is very fair in color.

Traditional Dress

Play Group

Finally big day in life arrived, I got admitted to proper school. Although I got test of school in day care but this was even bigger since "wait" at school increased from 2 hours to 3 hours. But I did put bold face while going to school which my father really admired since he said he never enjoyed school almost till 3rd grade.

School Ending Photograph : My best friend was Bhupal, we used to fight together. I used to like radhika as well.

Festivals and Events

Some of festivals and events I attended.. remarkables are bore snan, rangapnchami, birthdays..

First Day At Day Care

Life is tough, that is what I learned at age of 3 ... Till then life was such a bast.. you crawl, walk, run all around house, make mess of toys and suddenly one day you head to some kind of school. People give all kinds of name for this school -- some call it day care, kindergarten, creche.

Thinking about days in day care, still frientens me. You wait for each second, just somebody will come and take home. You are worried about bullies roaming around in play ground. I used to find one nice shed and spend watching others play. Sometimes I do use to enjoy riding tricycle. Other than missing home, I never enjoyed reading, writing and singing.. I guess I will stuck with it for next 15-16 years or may be more..

March 2007


This is Goa trip sponsored by my mother.. Her company planned trip.. so we went to Mumbai.. then to dockyard and boarded this cruise for GOA.. We had lot of fun


Finally I am independent!! I can walk all over places..

First BirthDay

Major event in Pune house .. this time papa was also with us .. lots of family members .. society kids

Cooking & Meals

Cooking is such a great fun .. I always liked to be part of cooking party .. be it mother, aji or mavshi.. I just loved to move around where kitchen action was.. but that was not the case with my meal.. I never enjoyed meal.. well proper meal like milk, rice etc. So I was always fought with my mother for the same. Some of my events..

Naming Cermony

What can I say about naming ceremony.. lots of action .. only thing missing was my father .. but glad rest of family members were present with full of actions.


It's hard to exactly remembering when I stopped rolling, crawling on stomach and later sitting and proper crawling using both legs and hands. But when I finally did it.. I never stopped.. I was all over places in our furniture free apartment!

First Diwali

This is my first diwali @ Sangamner.. Ppl in house were very happy since almost after 30 years there was baby in house! Papa did Puja, Mumbai mamas/mavshis were also present.But I was scared of crackers sounds -- it was disturbing me.

This is my 2nd Diwali.. The reason I put video here is because this is best movie shot by my father and mostly viewed by family members.


I was back in USA, before first birthday I made trip back to Des Moines. Papa was already in distress because of visa issues and we landed again in Des Moines. He moved to downtown area since he sold his car and staying in downtown he can walk to work.

But once home we will have lot of fun playing on floor (since no furniture as well!) One weekend bhayya mama came, so we plan cutting my hair first time!! After bhaiya mama's ceremony, my father and removed my remaining hair.. no wonder they are uneven allover my head. I won't forgive them to ruining my hair.

World Upside Down

It is said that for babies all images appears up side down since before they can understand perspective of vision, they see images "as is" what retina sees. Since retina sees upside down baby see images in upside down. Later though babies get used to these images and can understand up and down.

BUT I am not talking about complicated eye internals. After couple of months from my birthday, I started moving my neck and had this intense urge turn around my body. I tried many time but failed but one fine day after trying for 10-20 times I was able to turn around and once I did it... WORLD I know it was upside down! Before I able to see this, I was in complete black out since I was not able to life my head immediately.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Foot Print

Sometimes I wonder how much humans are emotional. See this small foot print.. I felt stupid when papa was trying to get print of my hand as well. Since my fingers were curled, he was frustrated to get those stamps.
Looking back I never thought my foot was that small but I liked the impression.. newly born's moment getting stamped for eternity or at least in archives of home .. until that home exists..

During watching these foot prints, I remembered another image .. which is not after I born but it is about me! This is sonographic image of me .. You can clearly see fingers of my toe. Later I learned from aai/papa that doctor tried very hard to take snap of me but I always will run away somewhere in womb so that my back and legs will be visible. My be visible is wrong word since I come to know sonography is that signal capture from audio signal.. I have no clue about it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

20 JULY 2004

This is it, watching world outside my mother's womb. I was born around 10:30 morning on 20th July 2004.
I was 54.6 (21 inches 3 )cm tall, weighed   3.8 KG (8 pound 7 Oz)


I am thinking about penning down my experience from firth birthday, but lately I was  busy with Mr. Bean, Animated Mr. Bean or Tom Jerry or at least Chhota Bheem. I just enjoy watching these shows.

Where do I start now since in five years life you hardly able to do anything but  as far as I am concern it was great experience so far .. lots of people in house, many places to travel. Although I wish school was just 1 minute since it's too much burden to read and write in 1 hour. Apart from that life is still nice with me.

Here is my first video, off course I am not front stage but what ever celebration my mother and friends are doing is just because of me. Hope you enjoy my mother's baby shower.

Other major events happened during my birth year 2004

1. My father participated in marathi play first time in his life. He thinks he has great potential as extra in film.

2. My father lost his long time job with HCL because of untimely termination of Wells Fargo Finance. In way it was blessing in disguise since lately he was tired of it.