Monday, July 26, 2010


I am still in last week celebration of birthday because of gifts I received. That day after coming home, I opened all games and asked everybody to play with me. On that day I liked Vishu kaka's pool game. I played other games in next few days.

Last one by Suchita mami was complicated. It has mechanical parts to create car, plane, chopper etc. Considering complication  I summoned papa to finish plane and give it to me. He and Praveen mama tried for a week and couldn't do it. I wonder how he is engineer.

Finally he took challenge and finished car. I helped him with providing nuts and bolts. Hope you will enjoy it.

Plane : 61 parts and 45 screws and nuts


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Because of some of extravagant birthdays in family,finally pappa was ready for some decent birthday celebration. In fact we both love our nearest restaurant Vedant for birthdays, so mother took initiative and found very nice restaurant Multi Spieces Cousine near river road in Karvenagar. Bonquite hall was big and nice. Mother, Namrata atu and Praveen did great job of decorating it. We had fun chassing around with lala, manu, aditi, shravani, rushi, tejas. Food was good with drink, starter, soup, 2 veg dishes,  rice, dal and icecream. Mamma also ordered 2kg cake of tom.

 This time we invited all relatives from Pune, so I got lot of gifts. I was able to play most of gifts except two chess and other is mechanics. I think both are for pappa. For mechanics I will have to give lot of instructions to him. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unusual Day in Jungle

Let me clarify.. there is no Jungle in Pune, it's well planted military restricted hill near our society. As usual I went with pappa to go around for our daily walk. I love this part of day.. since I am in 1st standard, I have lot of homework.. writing activities is most tiring. Same is true with reading, how much any one can read?

Back to my topic, as we passed first phase of hill we heard random sound towards upward side of hill. So silently we went in that direction. Because of last month rain there was heavy grass all over and suddenly on top of hill in little open area, there were 20 peacocks.. I have never seen so many till date. Some where running around. But best one was centered one who was dancing with his stretched feathers. His dancing was not even seen by pappa!! We sat there behind bushes for 10 minutes watching his dance.
I also scolded pappa not bringing camera!!